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Chris Otto


West Coast Colour is a professional painting company, servicing Victoria, BC and the surrounding area. With over 10 years of painting experience in British Columbia and a lifetime of experience working in all trades, we have come to pride ourselves on quality finishes of your most prized possessions.

West Coast Colour is a small, personal painting company located in Victoria, BC and South Island. The person you call for an estimate is who will be on every job, painting your house, condo, apartment or office and making sure you get what you asked for.

West Coast Colour treats every client like family, so you can be assured of the quality, of the paint job you receive.


Our Services

How long have you been putting off painting? It's time to get a free quote today.

Upon acceptance of West Coast Colour's services, we make sure that every customer we paint for in Victoria and surrounding areas left satisfied with the price, and most importantly with the completed paint job.

Preparation - Doing every step of preparation for each job, no cutting corners will ensure a quality result. We take care to keeping the site clean, doing our best to keep your house, condo, apartment or office as undisturbed as possible.

Paint choice - Victoria, BC can be a dry city at times and a wet city a lot of the time so using the right paint for the job at hand ensures the look and the life of your new colours.

EXTERIOR painting
• Brush, roll & spray
• Latex, elastomeric, epoxy coating & all stains
• Small stucco repairs
• Small siding repairs
• Pressure washing
• Window & gutter cleaning
• All caulking, filling, sealing & priming when needed
interior painting
• Brush, roll & spray
• All types of latex paints, stains & clear-coats
• Small texture jobs or repairs
• Small dry wall & mudding jobs
• Small carpentry jobs
• Mouldings (Base, crown, frames)
• Wall paper removal

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How long have you been putting off painting? It's time to get a free quote today.

West Coast Colour

Owner / Operator:
Chris Otto
Cell: 1-250-686-5451